Our Support Page

If you have a question or problem related to a purchase please contact our support staff via:

  1. Chat (link on the lower right of this page)
  2. Email ([email protected]ntagecad.com), or
  3. Telephone (302) 401-1550

In some cases we may need to remote into your computer to better assist you.
You can use the link below to download our temporary remote access tool.

Remote Support Download


Instructions to start a remote support session:

  1. Download the above file when prompted by the web page.
  2. Once the URL has been run, click the .exe at the bottom of the page. You will be asked "Do you allow the application to make changes to the computer"? Select "Yes" and the QuickSupport module will appear with ID and Password to connect.
  3. You should see a window that looks like the image above. Please give the support representative the ID and Password that shows on that window to start a remote session.

If you are on a Mac or the Application did not launch automatically follow the next steps.

  1. Double-click on the downloaded file. Usually located in your download folder called 'TeamViewerQS'
  2. Select 'Run' from the pop up window

We respond to support requests within 24 hrs during normal business hours.